What is Doggie Day Care? Doggie day care works just like day care for the human kids. Drop your canine kid off in the morning on the way to work, and while you’re working hard to bring home the dog treats, they’ll romp in our “all play” open environment playland or hang-out with their favorite canine buddies. By the time you arrive after a long day at work, you’ll find your dog happy, tired and ready to spend the evening at home relaxing.
Doggie Daycare is a place for your canine kid to run, jump, wrestle, bark, and socialize in a controlled supervised environment designed for healthy, friendly dogs. Doggie day care provides the ideal setting for your dog to interact and exercise.

Doggie Day Care Benefits: Dogs are social pack animals that require physical and mental stimulation. They need to run, jump, climb, bark, chew, and wrestle. When these inherent needs are meet, your children, furniture, cat, yard and home can be reclaimed as your own. Not to mention the peace of mind knowing your dog is having fun playing with their doggie friends rather than cooped up all day inside.

Doggie day care gives your dog the opportunity to socialize with other friendly dogs and people providing a healthy outlet for that extra energy your dog might normally use to terrorize you and your house. The additional activities that day care provides also helps eliminate boredom behavior such as chewing and barking and separation anxiety. It’s also great for those older dogs that might need to lose a little extra weight, require more frequent trips outside or just need a little extra attention.






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